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ICF is The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, WHOs classification of health and health-related domains.

ICF makes it possible to describe a person’s ability in a neutral and objective way, where the focus is on both resources and limitations.
In that way, the citizen and professionals at the healthcare- and special needs area get a common language, and a logically structured system that makes it easier to document, communicate, coordinate, and prioritize efforts over time and across subjects and sectors.

In 2009, IBOS decided to implement ICF as the setting for communication about and with the citizen.


The ICF project at IBOS was a major organisational innovative project, which means that the work with ICF, beyond changing the working procedures, and operations, also during the process came in touch with central core values in the whole organization.

The project ran over a period of about three years divided into four project periods.
In the first three project periods three staff member teams at the time went through the following activities:

Teaching in the ICF-theory setting.
Practical training periods at 4-5 months, where staff members learned to use ICF,
To develop ICF-based templates. The templates are used for working out applications, technical pronouncements, and status descriptions in relation to citizens that participate in a rehabilitation course at the institution, and implementing of ICF-based templates in the individual teams.

The activities of the fourth and last part of the project deal with primarily: Continuously follow-up and evaluation the operation of ICF in the individual teams, evaluation of acceptance of our ICF-based reports at our collaborators, and information about the ICF-project at external collaborators.

  • Major cultural changes have occurred in form of a change in the "mind set" and roles at staff members.
  • Working procedures, processes, and documents have been highly standardized across teams and sections.
  • The term rehabilitation has been predominant in the minds of the members of staff in relation to effort and collaboration with citizens.
  • The amount of mute knowledge has been reduced, and the cross-curricular dialog has been strengthened.
  • At the background of an ICF ability assessment, cross-curricular rehabilitation plans has been worked out for citizens at the longer courses.  
  • We are working highly round the citizen across teams and sections.
  • The co-operation in each individual team has been strengthened; the dialog about the citizens has been easier due to the common terminology/understanding.
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