Department of Residence

A picture of IBOS garden


You have the possibility to stay at IBOS, if you live far away. You can stay a couple of nights, if you participate in a course that lasts for more than a single day. You can stay for a number of weeks or months, if you are going to take an education or follow a course, or you can have your residence at IBOS, if you need support and are not able to live alone and take care of your everyday living, or are working at IBOS’ workshop.


IBOS is located close to Copenhagen, and close to Hellerup Station, buses and Tuborgvej, which makes transportation to and from IBOS very easy, if you want to go out and experience culture or nature. For instance, Hellerup Strandpark only lies a few kilometres away, a popular recreation area. Here you will also find Rosenhaven and Staudehaven.

The IBOS' buildings are sheltered by large trees, and are a neighbour to Mindelunden, which is a memorial park for the Danish victims of the German occupation of Denmark during World War II.

At IBOS you will find green areas with lawns, fruit trees, berries, bushes, and flowers. There are a rich bird life both summer and winter, and squirrels scurry up and down of tree trunks.
In the spring garden furniture are placed at the outdoor areas at IBOS, so both participants, residents and staff can enjoy the sun or their lunch in the open air.
In December the outdoor areas are decorated with fir and Christmas trees.


The IBOS Department of Residence (Bo-Afdeling) has rooms for more than 30 persons - 22 rooms for visitors, and 8 flats for residents. All rooms and flats are well arranged, so it is easy to orientate for VIPs.
The rooms are 15 square metres, and are furnished with a chest of drawers, a bed, a writing table, a coffee table plus a chair and built-in closet. You share toilet/bath and kitchenette with your neighbour.

The flats are 30 square metres with their own kitchenette and bathroom, and there are furnished with a chest of drawers, a bed, a writing table, a coffee table plus a chair and build in closet.

In addition to that, everybody can use the living room, 2 kitchens, laundry, and a work out room.
All meals are normally consumed at the IBOS’ canteen.


The Department of Residence is staffed 24 hours a day by educated staff with special educational knowledge at the low-vision area, and within the autism- and ADHD-complex of problems. At any time, the staff can, in addition to this, draw on the expertise of other parts of the IBOS organization, for instance psychologist, and neuropsychologist, sexual adviser, psychiatric consultant etc. and the PAS, AMPS- and RETT-tests.
The staff ensures a good environment with the best settings for social well-being.

This means that every new resident has plenty of opportunities to meet with other VIPs and establish new contacts and friendships. It is not unusual that life long friendships are being established at the Department of Residence.

At the Department of Residence the resident can train vision compensating skills in a safe environment. For instance daily living training, such as cleaning, laundering, changing bed clothes, cooking, reading mail or O&M (Orientation and Mobility) like shopping, go to the postal office, or to find a bus stop and take the right bus.
In short term: All the skills you need in order to take care of yourself and live by yourself in your own home.

It always begins from the individual residents' needs for support and help, and plans of actions are worked out, so the residents get the exact help that is needed.

All residents at IBOS have a contact that they always can go to, if they have a problem, need help or just need to talk.
Every week, all residents have a so called ”day at home” where their contact helps them with planning and doing household chores. Besides cleaning and laundry, it could be shopping for clothes, go to a hairdresser or pharmacy, help with bills or support to leisure-time activities.
The staff support and motivate each resident to gain an increased quality of life at a daily basis for instance by leisure-time activities like sport, e.g. swimming or using IBOS' fitness room, or to play music.


IBOS has two test flats, where citizens can try to live alone, and thereby find out what kind of support and visual compensating aids they will need when they are going to choose their own home someday in the future.

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