Exhibition of assistive aids

Picture of IBOS exhibition of assistive aids


Hjælpemiddeludstillingen (the exhibition of assistive aids) at IBOS is a unique offer for everybody who needs advice and guidance about aids for persons with visual disabilities.
As a national rehabilitation centre, IBOS receives funds from the Danish authorities to finance a long range of basic offers for VIPs. These offers includes advising and information about aids and the exhibition of assistive aids at IBOS.
The exhibition of assistive aids is not a shop, and it is therefore not possible to buy aids, but it can refer to dealers in Denmark or other countries.


The exhibition of assistive aids at IBOS is national, and offers advising for free for citizens who are blind or partially sighted, and low-vision consultants, municipal case workers, consultants from the Danish Association of the Blind, relatives, students, employees in the health care sector, and others with interest in aids for people with visual impairment.
The exhibition of assistive aids is specialized in aids that make the everyday life easier for blind and partially sighted persons.
It can be as simple as playing cards with large symbols or the newest it such as the iPad or apps that can get a smartphone to function as an aid.


The exhibition of assistive aids has a unique collection of aids including those, which are not normally seen in Denmark.
The staff at the exhibition keep themselves up to date about the latest news and knowledge about aids for persons with visual impairment.
We have a wide network of contact to suppliers, manufactures, and dealers outside and within Denmark, and we participate in, and are updated about Danish and International fairs where new aids are displayed.
You are always welcome to give us a call with questions, or you can visit us, and get some advise, or try out he displayed aids. Remember to call for an appointment.
You can also send us a mail or drop a message at our answerphone, and we will call you back with an answer.
The exhibition of assistive aids has a showroom at IBOS.