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The Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted (IBOS) is the national competence- and rehabilitation centre in Denmark for young and adults with visual impairment. 

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A software program that reads notes from a musical piece plays them and shows them visually on a screen. The notes can then be displayed as text or Braille notes on a braille display. This means that blind musicians can now acquire music notes on the same terms as sighted people.


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You can live at IBOS for a short stay or a longer period.

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IBOS hosts a unique exhibition of assistive aids

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IBOS' role as a national education- and competence centre implies an active co-operation to a constant development and experimenting with new products or methods within the low-vision subject area.

Therefore IBOS participate actively in national knowledge networks and co-operative projects.

Picture of a lecture on ICF

IBOS implemented ICF in 2009.